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Desi'de offers life coaching, spiritual coaching and more to guide and help people find themselves, their path in life and connect with the other world. 

Sign on building with the Deside Logo
Deside's primary logo
Deside's secondary logo
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The calmness

The balance

The growth

The nature

The peace

The water

The stability

Deside's icon

The symbol represents the white worldbridger from the Mayan calendar. The bridge between the worlds. The oval shape are designed to look like a window and mirror to symbolize the guidance and finding yourself. 

Deside's icon

Nikita took on the task with a genuine interest in my company and my thinking around it. She made me think a little extra about why and how. In a professional, responsive and creative way, she designed my logo including a mood board with tips, advice and support for how everything should be used. I can warmly recommend Nikita, I am extremely satisfied with the result of our collaboration.

Pia Boman - Founder of Desi'de

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