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A cafe that wants to express the beauty in simplicity. The cafe was opened in 2020. The selection consists of the classics, however, the recipes are carefully polished to give the customer the best of the best quality.

Sign on a building with the Oaktree Café logo
The Oaktree Café logo
The Oaktree Café icon

The design reflects the simplicity they want to provide while also focusing on the small details that builds quality. 

Packaging design displayed on a coffee cup, bag, tea and cacao packaging
The Oaktree Café logo over delicious buns
The Oaktree Café logo and descriptions of design decisions

The apostrophe has been altered to fit perfectly and be an extension of the letter f. This creates a flow and sence of cohesiveness throughout the logotype.

The two e's are placed very specifically for the to make a symbol that reminds us of acorns wich grows on oaktrees.

A person holding the coffee cup with the brand design on
The Oaktree Café icon
A simple pattern
A pattern made of Oaktree Café's icon
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