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Brand identity

Making of logo illustration

Packaging design

Illutration of flat box

We offer packaging design so your product can stand out on the shelf and to make great user experiences. Bottle labels, can labels, jar labels, mailers, boxes, product packaging & more.


Your branding package can be tailored to you and your branding needs, usually our branding packages contain of a strategy call, research, strategy guide, logo suite, color palette, font parings, photography style, brand pattern, brand style guide. 

Print design

two circles overlapping

Impactful print design that matches your branding the best way possible.

Business cards, menus, flyers, a simple poster or any other printed materials.

The process starts with me getting to know you and your business. Your story, goals, mission, values, target audience and more. Then market research and a competitor analys will be made. We do this to make the best visual branding as possible just for you.



We now take the research and strategy and brainstorm and nail down the visuals. Visual direction, logo variations, color palette, font parings and photographic style. Together this will build the brand guidelines.





Throughout the this process I will send you updates and you have the opportunity to give feedback on the work that have been made.



When everything is done I will send over all the files and documents that you are going to need.  You can now launch you new branding for the world to see. 




Brand recognation


When your branding is set, 

everything that you put out as a business should follow the brand guidelines which then leads to your audience quickly recognizing you.

Builds trust

check mark

With a great branding that speaks to your target audience and with great consistency in your branding your audience will be more inclined to trust you and your business. 

Increased prices

arrow up

With the brand recognition and trust you audience have to your business, you are able to position your yourself as a premium brand and with that increase your prices.

Saving money & time

money and time icon

When your branding is set and your brand guidelines are Infront of you, you are able to spent less time and money on you marketing. Since the brand guidelines and strategy will show you how to reach your target audience. 

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