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Flow is a flower boutique that strives to be as accessible as possible.

A cafe that wants to express the beauty in simplicity. The cafe was opened in 2020. The selection consists of the classics, however, the recipes are carefully polished to give the customer the best of the best quality.

Desi'de offers life coaching, spiritual coaching and more to guide and help people find themselves, their path in life and connect with the other world. 

Mint Lane is a restaurant that wants to lift the beauty and importance of using locally sourced ingrediencies for our environment and to support our local businesses. Everything from the food to the drinks are locally sourced.

Interpearl sells furniture and interior for the timeless home. They are here to help you find you and your home the perfect interior that will last and don't skip on the quality. 

Grated are a vegan cheese business that don't compromise on quality and flavor. They want to make it easy for the people to go dairy free whether that's down to a lifestyle choice, health benefits or strong beliefs. 

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